Francesco Castagna

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Architectural photographer based in Treviso, Italy.
Graduated in architecture from IUAV, Venice.
Free-lance architectural photographer since 1995.
Cofounder of Studio Gemin Castagna Ottolenghi architetti associati in 2001.

Digital photography with large format cameras.
High resolution digital images of uncompromising quality.

  • Leaf digital backs
  • Silvestri Bicam III shiftable modular camera
  • Rodenstock Digaron HR lenses
  • Hasselblad camera and lenses
  • Sony 7RII, Zeiss and Voigtländer lenses

Francesco Castagna
via J. Riccati 7, 31100 Treviso - Italy 
P. IVA 03647750268 
Mobile: +39 338 3316958